Quote Request and Payment Process:

When you request a quote, you will receive 2 quote/invoice. The 1st quote/invoice will cover the camping rental. The 2nd quote/invoice will cover the reimbursable security deposit. The invoice is just a quote. No obligation unless you decide to use our camper rental services. You can use the invoice to make a payment. When you submit the reservation payment you will receive an email confirmation.  

Reservation Payment: To reserve a camper, a payment of $250 is required. This payment is part of the reimbursable security deposit.


Refundable Security Deposit: The industry standard is to either collect a credit card number or charge a flat rate refundable fee.  At J & T Camper Rentals, we collect a reimbursable security deposit of $250 for Disney Fort Wilderness. For all other campgrounds $500. The security deposit should be paid in full 14 calendar days before your rental date. Provided the camper is returned undamaged your security deposit will be fully refunded to you with in 3 business days. If damages exceed your security deposit, you will be responsible for paying the balance owed. 

Rental Contract: Upon the delivery of your camper, you will need to sign the rental agreement provided by our insurance company and inspect the camper. Your driver license or State issued ID is required. If you cannot be there upon delivery you have to notify us with 1 week in advance so other arrangements can be made. 


Cancellation - Because we understand that emergency situations happen, we have one of the friendliest cancellation policies in the industry. You can cancel your rental 15 days prior to your delivery day, but it will be less the fee PayPal charges us.  If you cancel 14 calendar days or less, prior to your rental date, your $250.00 deposit will not be refunded. However, if you ever book with us again, only rain checks will be issued for cancellations, which is the industry standard.


Cleaning fee: There is no cleaning fee's as long as:

* The camper is swept out.

*Garbage removed.

*Stove, oven and counter top's wiped down.

*Dishes & silver ware washed and stowed away.

Please leave any used or wet towels in the shower tub. (The cleaning fee is $100).

Pet's & Smoking:  No pets or smoking are allowed in our RV's. a $350.00 deodorizing fee will be charged for smoke or pet odor. Additional $200.00 for cleaning pet hair and odor if evidence of pet activity is found. Damage from pets will be charged accordingly.


Rental day: Constitutes each rental night.

Delivery and pick up:  Campers will be delivered between 11 am and 2:00 pm. unless otherwise worked out while making your reservations. Most camp grounds have a check in time of 1 pm, sometimes earlier if your reserved spot is available. Pick up of your rental will be at 10 am on the last day of your rental. Most camp grounds have a check out time of 11:00 am. We do not charge delivery (unless over 20 miles from our home office) or set up fees. 


Dry Camping: Typically we do not like to rent our campers for "dry camping" (no electric and water hook ups). However, depending on the circumstances and location, it maybe possible with a higher security deposit of $750. If you plan to use a generator with one of our campers, please specify in your reservation request. If you do not have a water hook up, you'll not have water in your camper because we do not use the water holding tank and pump.    

Dumping Black and Gray water: If you are camping in a campground without gray and black water hook ups, there is a $50. fee for dumping and cleaning. Does not pertain to Disney Fort Wilderness.


"No refunds for trailers that are returned early".


Our camper return policy:

  • Please return the RV in the condition it was when you received it. There is a no cleaning fee if the camper is swept out, stove, oven and counter tops clean and free of garbage. 
  • If the carpet, linens or upholstery is stained, you will be charged. We can clean it for a fee of $100.