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​How it works:

  • After you have chosen your vacation dates, and RV park (make sure the lot you've reserved will accommodate a 33 ft camper), complete our reservation form and details of your trip and the RV you are interested in renting.

  • We will check our availability for the dates you requested and let you know if the trailer is available. If available, we will send you a confirmation email. The reservation deposit amount is due, and other details about your reservation will be provided to you, as well as the invoice with payment icons so you can pay. The balance will be due 14 days prior of your rental start date.

  • On the day of the rental, we will meet you at the camp ground you have chosen. 

  • Call us with your campsite information. All trailers will be delivered at no charge for the first 20 miles from our business location in Kissimmee Fla., a delivery fee of $185 after the first 20 miles driven will be charged. Free delivery to the Fort Wilderness Campground.

  • If the reservation deposit fee of $350. is not paid within 48 hours of receiving the confirmation email, the reservation is no longer guaranteed.

  • There is a refundable security deposit fee of $350 for the Fort Wilderness campground and for all other campgrounds $500. It will be refunded back to your account after the camper is picked up and no damage or stains found. It will take 3 business days to inspect the camper and proceed to reimburse your security deposit fee via PayPal​

  • We have a 4 day night rental minimum on all of our campers.

  • Delivery and set up is free for the Disney Fort Wilderness Campground.

  • Most camp grounds have an arrival time of around 1:00 pm. Sometimes you can check in earlier. Your camper will be ready to go the day before so we can deliver you camper at 1:00 pm or before, based on first call, first served in case we are delivering more than one on that day.

What is provided with your RV at no extra charge:

  • Our standard package includes all beds made if needed, and cotton towels and premium linens for up to 6 people.

  • $25 per extra set of linens per person (for fold down table or couch), includes towel, washrag, pillow and bed set.

  • Because we are campers too, and understand you can't bring everything in your house, we try to make it easy. Here is what we supply in our campers and it is included in the rental price.

  • Cooking, eating and grilling utensils

  • Plates, bowls, cups,

  • Pots, pans and a cookie sheet.

  • RV toilet paper, one roll of paper towels and dish soap.

  • Coffee maker (traditional small)

  • Hair dryer 

  • 4 outdoor chairs.

  • Folding outside table and cooler

  • 48 quarts ice chest (if requested item)

  • Extra: Fire pit $35. per rental.

  • Extra: Wood $12. (per bundle)

  • What you need to bring:

  • You will need clothes, food, personal hygiene items. You may also want to bring things like a flashlight, charcoal and lighter fluid, firewood, bicycles, insect repellent and maybe indoor/outdoor games just to name a few.

  • Tips to know about RV'S: If you are camping for the first time in an RV, there are few helpful tips that we would like to share.

Important to know:

  • Air conditioner: As you would at home, be sure windows, vents and doors are closed when running the air conditioner. Do not set temperature too cold (below 70). If above instructions are not followed, unit may freeze and no cooling will be available at all.

  • Hot water heaters: RV hot water heaters are usually small (6 gallons), It takes a while to recover. The water pressure is way lower than what you're used to at home; the time for your shower will be shorter. (you may find it more comfortable to use the showers at the comfort stations provided by the campgrounds).

  • Toilets: We provide a four pack roll of RV toilet paper. Please use only the special RV toilet paper that we provide, otherwise regular toilet paper can clog and damage the toilet system.

  • Refrigerators in a RV: Works slightly different than your residential refrigerators. This refrigerators works best by keeping the door open to a minimal. If water collects in the bottom of your refrigerator, it is normal condensation.

  •  Electrical outlets: Our travel trailers have 30 amp hook ups. Some of the electrical outlets are on GFI circuits and can trip just like the ones in your home if items like hair dryers and irons are used.

  • Check out at Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground is 10:00 am, unless previously arranged.

We clean our campers as if we are using them! Before each camper goes out, the interior of the camper is completely wiped and dusted. All counter tops, refrigerator, stove, oven, table top and dinette area is cleaned and wiped. The bathrooms are completely wiped and the gray and black tanks are treated. Floors are swept, dry swifter and then wet swifter-ed. Carpets are shampooed as needed. AC filters are changed every 30 rental days. Knobs and doors disinfected. Every camper goes out with freshly washed comforters, sheets and towels. You'll be able to smell the freshness! 
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